India-Republic Day Special

○ Happy Republic Day ○

Namaskar Doston! 🙂

Now is the time to celebrate our nationality with all zest and zeal as Republic Day is here!
Numerous people have prepared for this auspicious day and will be parading on India Gate to celebrate this occasion.

Whereas we, the aam adami, don’t have much ways to express our love for nation.

We can make tricolor accessories to wear.

Also, we can make easy home projects and decorate our houses.


There is another easy way with which you can reflect your love for India.
That is, by making Tricolor Lens Filters.

Anyone who likes photography, is willing to experiment with new things.
Lens filters available in the market are quite costly to be purchased in abundance.
So today, I tell you a super easy way with which you can make lens filter and reflect your patriotism.

All you need to make a Tricolor lens filter is-

  1.  A transparent sheet
  2.  A pair of scissors
  3. An orange marker
  4. A green marker
  5. A thread/ an elastic band 
  6. Lens cover


Follow the steps to make your lens filter-


1. Take a transparent sheet and cut out a circle according to the size of your lens with a rectangle of approximately 3 cm * 1cm adjacent to it.

2. Now color upper 1/3rd portion of the circle Orange and bottom 1/3rd portion of the circle Green.

3. Fix this transparent sheet with your camera lens using a thread or an elastic band.5
4. Click photographs!


Hope you like it and if you ever make it, don’t forget to share pictures with me on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat @itisinthename

Stay tuned for more!

Love, प्रकृति




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