That Love Affair


Hello People!! Hope you all are having a lovely week!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and all you girls must be wondering what to wear on this special day. Keep reading to know it all.

Before talking about the look I’ve created, let me give you some tips about what and how you can choose your outfit for the date.

First is Comfort. Trust me nothing is more important than your comfort. When you wear something that is not comfortable, you are nervous and less confident. When you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, you smile often and engage more.

Second is Location. Let location be your guide, your look should reflect the environment.

Third is Focus on your best. What I mean by this is pick one best feature and play it up. Now if you have great legs, then wear a flared skirt or jazzed up shorts and wear a top that won’t draw attention. Likewise, if you have great arms then wear a strapless maxi dress or a jumpsuit. All you got to do is show off the best you have. The bottom line – too much skin can be a turn off!!!

Fourth is Be Unique. Add some element to your look that makes you stand out from the crowd. Accessories are useful in adding that quirkiness to the overall look. Embrace your uniqueness.

Fifth is Hair & Makeup. Keep it balanced. Not too much but not too little as well. Let your eye makeup be neutral and your lips be the highlight with bright red lipstick or vice versa. Don’t overdo it and spoil the look.

Now, talking about this dreamlike look. I am wearing a beautiful Studded Crop -Top (A DIY) which was eventually a Romper I bought from Sarojini Nagar for 200 bucks like a long time back and a High-Low Skirt which is my own design (You can place an order for it at The print on the skirt is floral and dreamy and the silhouette is appealing, so to balance both I paired it up with a black crop top which has small circular studs all over the front neck and the back neck is key hole.  To give it some edge, I  wore a golden 4 Layer Neck-Piece and some Knuckle Rings. To complete the look, I wore my favorite Black and gold studded heels. They are just the most perfect pair I’ve seen!

This look is perfect for those special dates you’ve been planning and dreaming like crazy ♥

Go ahead, dress up and rock your date!

That’s all about it!! I hope you all have an amazing and fashionable Valentine’s Day!

I hope you guys like the post and it helps you in some way. Make sure to tag me on my social media if you ever recreate the look!

For all those wondering what happened to my hair can check out the link to know all about it : MY HAIR STORY

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See you next time :*

Love, प्रकृति




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