Spiti Diaries ( Day 5 ) Chicham-Key Gompa – Komik – Hikkim

In last post we reached Kibber and found a place to pitch our tents. Then we started trekking to a village called Chicham. We could have travelled to chicham in our car, but it was only 4 o’clock so we thought trekking would be a better idea. We just knew it was 4-5kms away and…

Spiti Diaries ( Day 4 ) Tabo – Pin Valley – Kibber

In last post we reached Tabo and charged our gadgets while having dinner. In this post I will elaborate about witnessing galaxies in Tabo, way to Pinvalley and Kibber. As we walked out of the eating point (that was neither like a restaurant nor a dhaba) moon was nowhere to be seen, just the stars….